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    The Studios

    Studio 1 - HOT

    The hot studio is fitted with new specialised heaters which are designed to heat objects rather than the air, and a ventilation system that is specifically designed to purify and circulate the air, whilst maintaining optimum temperature and humidity. The non-slip floor is designed to provide the highest level of hygiene and cleanliness in hot temperatures. The hot studio will enhance your practice and maximise your experience in a comfortable, clean and healthy environment.

    Why Hot ?

    Well for one it makes you feel fantastic!!


    Some other great benefits include:


    Detoxification.  Heavy sweating will aid removal of toxins from the body, leaving you with glowing skin.


    Weight Management. Practising in a heated room increases your pulse rate and metabolism, thus causing your body to burn more calories and encouraging weight loss.


    Flexibility. Practising in the combined heat and humidity of a hot studio will gradually loosen muscles, allowing the body to stretch deeper and longer than is possible in a non-hot environment, adding to increased flexibility and so reducing risk of injury.

    Hot Tips

    I urge everyone to try a hot class if you can.


    Here are some hot tips:


    • Be prepared to sweat and embrace the heat.


    • Drink lots of water and hydrate before the class. 1 to 2 litres is best.


    • Try to just sip water if you need to during class.


    • After class finishes, allow your body temperature time to return to normal temperature, then rehydrate by drinking lots of fluids, preferably water.


    • Try not to eat anything for two hours before the class.


    • Avoid wearing oil based products and its advisable to be make up free.


    • Wear light comfortable clothing.


    • Enjoy

    Studio 2

    Benefits of Yoga:

    Yoga is for everyone no matter what age, size, fitness level, range of flexibility, religion or gender.

    There are many proven benefits including:

    • Lower stress levels

    • Improved mood and outlook

    • Reduced anxiety

    • Improved concentration and memory

    • Healthy weight maintenance

    • Stronger bones

    • Lower blood sugar levels

    • Lower blood pressure

    • Increased flexibility

    • Lower risk of heart disease

    • Helps prevent/ manage mental health issues

    • Connection to the energy bodies

    • Improved lung capacity

    • Pain relief

    • Overall fitness and wellbeing

      and... YOGA MAKES YOU HAPPY!


    You can also find the answer to most questions we are asked here