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    The Studios

    Studio 1 - HOT

    The hot studio is fitted with new specialised heaters which are designed to heat objects rather than the air, and a ventilation system that is specifically designed to purify and circulate the air, whilst maintaining optimum temperature and humidity. The non-slip floor is designed to provide the highest level of hygiene and cleanliness in hot temperatures. The hot studio will enhance your practice and maximise your experience in a comfortable, clean and healthy environment.

    Why Hot ?

    Well for one it makes you feel fantastic!!

    Other great benefits include:


    • Improving circulation

    • Looser muscles and increase flexibility due to the heat  


    • Strength of mind - practicing yoga in this hot environment challenges our body. By controlling your negative thoughts and staying with something which at times can be difficult, it allows us to mentally conquer our stress's thus bringing calm. 

    • Heath health - It's a great way to get the heart rate up and improve Cardiovascular capacity. 

    Hot Tips

    Here are some hot tips:


    • Be prepared to sweat and embrace the heat.


    • Drink lots of water and hydrate before the class. 1 to 2 litres is best.


    • Try to just sip water if you need to during class.


    • After class finishes, allow your body temperature time to return to normal temperature, then rehydrate by drinking lots of fluids, preferably water.


    • Try not to eat anything for two hours before the class.


    • Avoid wearing oil based products and its advisable to be make up free.


    • Wear light comfortable clothing.


    • Enjoy

    Studio 2

    Benefits of Yoga:

    Yoga is for everyone no matter what age, size, range of flexibility, religion or gender.

    There are many proven benefits including:

    • Lower stress levels

    • Improved mood and outlook

    • Reduced anxiety

    • Improved concentration and memory

    • Healthy weight maintenance

    • Stronger bones

    • Lower blood sugar levels

    • Lower blood pressure

    • Increased flexibility

    • Lower risk of heart disease

    • Helps prevent/ manage mental health issues

    • Connection to the energy bodies

    • Improved lung capacity

    • Pain relief

    • Overall health and wellbeing



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