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    Weekly Classes, Upcoming Events & Masterclasses

    All our workshops are designed to enhance your yoga practice, whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned practitioner. Our experienced teachers will guide you through the workshop in a safe and supportive environment. Refreshments provided.


    Spaces on some workshops are limited and/or very much in demand. Pre-payment required to reserve your space



    Bookings can be made via the website, by credit for debit card. Or in person at the studio.



    We understand that things don’t always go according to plan. So, if you need to cancel, please let us know by phone or email.


    7 or more days notice - 100% refund

    2 – 6 days notice - 50% refund

    Less than 24 hours notice - Sorry, no refund


    We try to make our cancellation policy as fair and as reasonable as possible. If you can find a replacement participant, we will accept that without penalty.


    Forever Hot Yoga may cancel an event only when absolutely necessary, but reserves the right to do so, as well as to reschedule events and substitute teachers. If an event is cancelled, you may request to transfer to another event, a credit, or full refund.


    • Kids Club, Saturday 14th March, 14.00- 15.00

    • Friday Fun, Kids Yoga Day, Friday 21st February, 10.00- 14.00

    • After School Yoga and Mindfulness Class, 5 week Course, Starts Wednesday 04 March 16.15 (with Yogi Bearz)

    • Movement, Inversions and Transitions Hour- 8th March, 14.15- 15.15- Doni

    • Yang to Yin- 14th March, 13.00- 15.00- Kelly

    • Mandala Masterclass: Spring Equinox- Friday 20th March- Ligita

    • Womens Circle COMING SOON- Kelly & Ligita

    • Ashtanga Primary Series, Sunday 29th March, 10.15- 12.15

    • Rocket Masterclass, Saturday 4th April, 13.00- 15.30

    • Yoga and Gong, Saturday 25th April, 16.30- 20.00

    • Gong Bath, Saturday 25th April, 19.00- 20.00


    Event:   Yang to Yin

                  Hosted by Kelly

    Date:     Saturday 14th March

    Time:     13.00- 15.00

    Price      £20


    In Ancient Chinese philosophy, yin and yang is a concept of dualism, describing how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world. In yoga, Yang is heat, move, strength; the more  physical practice that develops muscular strength, stamina, and flexibility. Yin is the opposite; a slower, stiller practice where poses are passively held for longer, working on the deep, dense connective tissues and joints in the body.


    Join Kelly at Forever Hot Yoga to combine these two elements into a beautiful two hour practice. The workshop begins with the fluid movements of the Yang, exploring and moving the body, strengthening muscles, mobilizing joints and incorporating breath-work. The class will then moves into the Yin element; longer, deeper, more restorative postures to relax the mind and the body as well as improve flexibility, open muscles, release tension and promote relaxation. 


    This workshop has both physical and mental benefits, therefore is available to all levels of students whether a well rounded, deep physical practice is craved or a mindful and restorative relaxation is what is needed.



    Event:   Kids Yoga

                  Hosted by Danielle

    Date:     Saturday 14th March

    Time:     14.00- 15.00

    Price       £5

    Recent studies have reported 55% of head teachers and parents seeing an increase of stress levels and anxiety within children.

    Yoga has been scientifically proven to improve:

    ​· physical and emotional strength and wellbeing.
    · Improved self-esteem, parentally, socially and academically
    · Stress and fatigue
    · Emotional and physical illness


    The kids yoga class will be taken by Danielle Hutchinson. A qualified yoga teacher for children aged 3+ and registered with Yoga Alliance and Yogakidz Worldwide. She is passionate about helping to provide our young people with a solid foundation that enables them to grow to be happy, confident, compassionate people. More info about Danielle can be found here

    This yoga class is suitable for children aged 3+

    Book here

    Event:    Astanga Primary Series

                   Hosted by Sammy-Jo

    Date:      Sunday 29th March

    Time:      10.15 - 12.15

    Price:      £15       


    Sammy-Jo will be leading us through the full Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series sequence. A once a month opportunity to do the full primary Series, Suitable for all levels. 


    Event:   Rocket Masterclass

                  Hosted Doni

    Date:      Saturday 04th April

    Time:     13.00 - 15.30

    Price       £20

    ‘The Rocket’ is a playful and powerful sequence rooted in Ashtanga Yoga. It is a mixture of classic postures from first and second series of Ashtanga with an emphasis on warming the body and strengthening the core, in order to access the more challenging arm balances and inversions. The Rocket practice encourages a smooth unbroken rhythm of breath and movement as we study ourselves through breath, bandha and dristi. 

    Doni will guide you through the full Rocket sequence, focusing/ workshopping trickier transitions. The masterclass is designed to get your feet of the matt- that means a lot of arm balances and inversions. Rocket yoga is for everybody, with variations for everyone from arm balance beginners to the expert provided. 

    Expect to be challenged through fun and considered sequence, work up a sweat, stretch out those muscles and come away feeling energised and empowered ready to take on the world!

    Book Here-

    Event: After School Yoga and Mindfulness Class


    Date:      Wednesday 4th March, (Weekly classes for 5 weeks)

    Time:      16.15- 17.15

    Price       £25 for 5 weeks or £6 drop in

    Claire is a qualified yoga & mindfulness teacher for children aged 3-11, having completed her training in 2017 with Chrysalis Kids Yoga Teacher Training. Having experienced the benefits of yoga for herself she was struggling to find the time to practice with two young children who would join in by climbing all over her. Their desire to participate with her as well as being unable to find a class for them locally led to her training to teach yoga for children. She is passionate about introducing the physical & mental benefits of yoga to young people through a fun filled & creative yoga practice. Children have increasingly overwhelming & busy lives with many distractions including technology & social media which can be over stimulating. Developing a yoga & mindfulness practice can help reduce these distractions & provides them with the opportunity to practice non competitive exercise in a calm, relaxed environment.

    Book Here-

    Event:    Movement, Inversion and Transitions Hour


    Date:      Sunday 8th March

    Time:      14.15 - 15.15

    Price       £10

    Get moving and upside down for an hour of breaking down and working on a choice of Arm balances, Inversions and Transitions. Crow, Side Crow, Koundinyasana and working our way through headstand variations, maybe pincha mayurasana and a little time for some handstand action.  The afternoon will start with some pranayama, a gentle movement flow to get the shoulders, hips and hamstrings ready for inverting. We will then do some movement, some core work to get the whole body fired up and ready for arm balances, inverting or transition work, Once we’ve inverted we will then do a nice cool down followed by a shavasana. This workshop is aimed at anyone on their own arm balance, inversion journey and who interested in some transition technique. Whether you are totally new or a regular to these practices , there is always something new to learn and some little tweaks to be made.

    Book here-

    Event:    Gong Bath Hosted by Martyn Cawthorne


    Date:      Saturday 25th April

    Time:      19.00 - 20.00

    Price       £12

    A gong bath begins with when you take a comfortable position (usually laying on a mat and pillow, and under a blanket) in the gong space and relax. This time is for you.
When the gongs are played (with experienced hands, a full heart and a quiet mind), you will likely find yourself drawn into the hypnotic sounds while layer upon layer of vibrations touch your body, mind and heart.
Following the waves of sound with a naturally arising, loving awareness, the mind softens, releases its grip and relinquishes its desire to control. As the boundaries of the mind dissolve, one enters a flowing, timeless state in which the intuitive capacity is awakened, and transformation is a natural occurrence. Witnessing the unfolding of our self from within a womb-like sensation of love and security, we may even pass through cathartic experiences as our deepest self watches on, eternally unblemished, beyond all experience.
When the last sounds have passed, and a few moments of silence have been allowed, you will be gently called back, at which time you may wish to take a few moments to come back around before heading off home.

    Book Here-

    Event:    Yoga and Gong Bath 


    Date:      Saturday 25th April

    Time:      16.30 - 20.00

    Price       £22

    A chance to do a 2 hour yoga class followed by Gong Bath (1hr) all for £22. (Gong bath alone is £12). The yoga will be a dynamic Vinyasa flow yoga designed to compliment the gong bath by really stimulating the body and mind, ready to absorb gong sound vibration. The Yoga class will close with 30 minutes of yin to slow the mind, body and breath down ready for our Gong Bath.

    The yoga class will start  at 16.30 for 2 hours and the gong bath at 19.00 allowing students to change, drink tea, have a snack (both tea and snack provided) and get comfortable for the Gong Bath. 

    Option to do the yoga class only - normal class prices apply. And option to do the Gong Bath only.

    Book Here-

    Event: Friday Fun, Kids Yoga Day


    Date:      Friday 21st February

    Time:      10.00- 14.00

    Price       £25 (sibling discount of £5 per child)

    Forever Hot Yoga Studio are delighted to be hosting a children's fun day that will  take place on Friday 21st February 10-2pm  Led by experienced & certificatied children's yoga teacher Danielle from Kalmerkidzyoga. A fun packed day filled with mindfulness, yoga, baking, and fun educational activities for the children to take home, for more information contact

    Book Here-