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    All our classes designed for everybody from complete beginners to the more advanced. On more complex postures, our teachers will offer modification or variation to suit your ability or particular needs (if you have any injuries, please notify the teacher before the class) .

    Each teacher has their own unique style, and we encourage you to try the different classes to find what suits you best, or the right combination of classes to meet your individual needs.

    Please take a few minutes to discover more about the classes we will be bringing you and also learn more about our amazing teachers here.

     All classes are suitable for everyone

    Our classes include: -



    This class is a Vinyasa style class. Vinyasa is the connection of breath and movement, and during this class, we will be doing some breath work (Pranayama) and moving into certain postures (asana). The asana’s will vary each class and is suitable for all levels.

    Forever 60

    This is a set sequence that allows beginners to become familiar with the practice, allowing you to tune into the breath and also concentrate on getting their foundations and alignment correct.

    Regular practitioners can also use this practice to focus on alignment and connect to breath without thinking about what’s coming next. Each teacher will teach the same set of asana’s but maybe adding their own personal touch. It's advised that you don't eat 2-3hrs before class as pranayama is best done on an empty stomach.


    Hot Yoga 

    Exactly what it says on the tin, its hot and its yoga, expect to get sweaty. This vinyasa style class is our most popular class.


    Yoga 90

    This is a 90 minute class will allow us to really explore breath work, pranayama and really go deep into both our breath work and physical practice. A more restorative or yin like ending to the class will allow us to leave nice and relaxed.


    A 75 minute (Tuesday) and a 60 minute (Thursday) class focusing on a set series of postures including sun salutations, a standing sequence, a seated sequence and a finishing sequence.


    Mandala Flow

    A vinyasa flow, centred around the 4 basic elements, fire, air, earth and water. In Mandala Flow yoga we move in circles and spirals around the mat, stimulating both sides of the brain and accessing parts of the body and mind that we may not perhaps access when we move in a purely linear way. Each class focuses on an element, a chakra or a particular group of muscles, using rhythmic pulsations and repetition to encourage the body to open and go a little bit further with each rotation.

    Rocket Yoga

    Rocket Yoga is an Ashtanga Yoga System because we study our self through breath, bandha and dristi…but this practice can be deeper than the traditional Ashtanga Yoga practice itself! Larry Schultz combined first, second and third series of Ashtanga Yoga and sequenced the poses around the joints of the body.  The Rocket sequence encourages play and offers modifications of traditional poses. The Rocket practice encourages a smooth unbroken rhythm of breath and movement, and as it may appear to be a very physical practice it is actually leading us on a path of self-realization.  The Rocket, as the name indicates, gets you there faster.


    You can also find the answer to most questions we are asked here